Surfing on the Quiberon peninsula

Plouharnel, labeled surf town

Get your adrenaline pumping in Plouharnel in Brittany


Facing the Atlantic Ocean, regardless of the time of day, sell yourself to learn or improve your surfing skills! On 8 kilometers of fine sandy beach, the passionate instructors of the surf schools offer you a wide range of services, and teach you how to surf on safe spots.

Labeled "Surf City" in 2016 by the national federation,   Plouharnel belongs to the popular club of the major surf resorts in France such as Biarritz, Lacanau... and Guidel in Morbihan. It promotes destinations that provide a welcome and an environment favorable to the practice of surfing.

The quality of the Plouharnel spots - in particularSainte Barbe, La Guérite and Mané Guen - makes it a destination frequented and appreciated by surfers from all over the world.

Consult the weather forecast to prepare your session as well as the tide times.


Surf Plouharnel


The unmissable beaches and surf spots in Plouharnel


At the heart of the Grand Dune Site, the flat-bottomed beaches, without any rocks, characterized by a very slight slope have the particularity of forming overflowing waves.

Sainte Barbe, a large beach of fine sand, is a very popular surf spot on the Atlantic coast, and accessible to beginners.It is also the perfect place to admire the sunset facing the ocean.

Other spots are also recognized as the Guérite beach - Tata Beach, suitable for all levels where you can surf quietly with family, friends or alone, and the beach of Mané Guen - Les Shrimps , facing west, also popular by windsurfers, kite-surfers and sand yachts.

Don't hesitate to ask the Tourist Office for a map to locate the beaches.


Surf lessons with the Brittany surf school


Take surf lessons in Plouharnel and in Quiberon Bay


Many professionals are ready to accompany you to initiate or improve your surfing. From 5 years old,they offer training, initiation session, individual or group lessons, surf camp suitable for all levels.

The Bretagne Surf School based in Plouharnel since 1994 offers supervised and quality lessons in complete safety with educational material adapted to each level.

On the peninsula of Quiberon, Erdeven or Plouhinec , other schools welcome you throughout the year.

Reservations are strongly recommended.

Consult the list of surf schools in Quiberon Bay


Surfing with friends in Saint Pierre Quiberon


Rent surfing equipment in Plouharnel and in the Bay of Quiberon


For a session alone, with family or friends, it is quite possible to easily rent surf equipment in the surf shops.   or directly from professionals.

Rental of boards, wetsuits , but also sale of skate items, surfwear... they guide you and give you advice and practical information to equip yourself.

The surf shops also offer equipment for sale, new or used, and repair services.

Practical information

Free car parks are located near each spot so you can park and equip yourself quietly (map below).

Near the beaches of Plouharnel,  rent a house, apartment, studio to fully enjoy your weekend in Quiberon Bay.


Other activities in Plouharnel


More broadly, let yourself be tempted by surfing, sand yachting, kitesurfing or stand up paddle…. Learn about the joys of sliding to the rhythm of the tides. Also discover the Quiberon peninsula - nose in the wind - with a horseback ride or a flight in a microlight.

Water activities